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Case Studies

12K+ Growth in Website Visitors for The Orchard in Under 12 Months using SEO

The Orchard Penrith

In June 2023, we launched a webflow website for The Orchard, a renowned multi-venue establishment in the wedding and hospitality industry. Within the first two weeks, the site attracted over 10,000 users, and within six months, it had garnered over 200,000 unique visitors. This rapid growth in traffic is a testament to the site's ability to engage and captivate a large audience. Furthermore, the website has achieved remarkable success in search engine rankings, now appearing prominently for highly competitive wedding-related keywords. This enhanced online visibility has significantly contributed to The Orchard's market presence and customer reach.

The Orchard website project was an ambitious and comprehensive endeavor, designed to reflect the elegance and versatility of the establishment's wedding and function venues. Our team created a custom-designed website with over 130 pages, ensuring that each page resonated with the brand's aesthetic and values. By leveraging the power of Webflow and integrating it with the Relume Component library, we delivered a site with a seamless user experience and visually stunning design.

To enhance user engagement, we incorporated custom user interactions that not only delighted visitors but also guided them effortlessly through the site. One of the key features of the website is its CMS-driven landing pages, tailored for various function types. This approach streamlined the enquiry process, making it more efficient for potential clients to find relevant information and express their interest.

From an SEO perspective, we planned the website content structure well in advance, allowing us to build out content pillar pages for functions then the inner pages such as Baby Showers, Birthdays etc, to help rank well for more keywords.

A standout feature of the site is the custom 'function builder' form. This innovative tool allows clients to create detailed enquiries for their functions, including common upsell options. This level of customisation ensures that clients can easily communicate their specific needs and preferences, leading to a more personalised service experience.

The website's backend is powered by Webflow's CMS, providing a centralised management system for the multi-venue establishment. This setup simplifies content updates and maintenance, allowing The Orchard's team to keep the site fresh and relevant.

Overall, the Orchard website project was a resounding success, significantly enhancing the establishment's online presence and streamlining its customer interaction process. The site's design, functionality, and performance have set a new standard in the wedding industry, attracting a large and engaged audience.

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