Pinot & Picasso

Rapidly Scaling Pinot & Picasso with a Wordpress Ecommerce Multisite.

What We Achieved

Multisite Instances
Online Sales
Features Developed / Implemented

How We Achieved

Ecommerce Strategy
Wordpress Multisite Development
Mobile App Development

Pinot & Picasso is Australia & New Zealand’s largest Paint & Sip Franchise that shows no signs of slowing down. Started as a single studio in Penrith, NSW in 2018, P&P has seen explosive growth in 3 years with over 80+ locations across two countries.

Q Agency’s founder Joshua Richardson, started working with Pinot & Picasso at the start of 2019, when the website was set up to operate as a one off location ecommerce store. With the prospect of growing the business via a franchise model in sight, the whole website was redesigned and developed to make way for the complex user requirements of a franchising ecosystem.

The three year journey to date has seen over 350 features developed/implemented/tested to enable the franchise to continue to scale with minimal downtime & consistently increase sales.

Our development process

When you undertake such a large business transformation, the new feature requirements list at the start of a project can be very lengthy.

Our philosophy has always been to solve the most critical features first, that will deliver the most value to the business, in the shortest amount of time. 

To do this, we like to get a full understanding of all aspects of the business and how it operates on a day to day basis.

From Single Site to Multisite

Wordpress multisites have the distinct advantage of being able to support global themes and configurations, while also allowing each site to have unique traits and provide unparalleled control over user access requirements to each site.

Multisites infrastructure is powerful for a business but it does come with some disadvantages. 

It adds a new layer of complexity to the site that is not overly common for ecommerce stores, which narrows down the available themes, plugins and integrations that can be implemented off-the-shelf.

For P&P, the Multisite infrastructure was a huge factor in the brands ability to rapidly expand online as new studios opened.

The Right Time to Launch an App

It’s rare that we’d ever recommend a company to develop an app. As most things can be done more cost effectively through a website.

However, after analysing how staff worked within the business day to day, we saw the power of a custom built app to streamline the process significantly. Enabling staff to get the right info, at the right time and provide a better customer experience.

"Social Media is paramount to grow local awareness”.
We’re impressed with the power of social media advertising. Q Agency was paramount in growing our local awareness so fast. We’d highly recommend working with the team, if you’re a hospitality venue looking to grow.