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Case Studies

How Duck Duck Goose Benefited from an End-to-End Creative Agency Right From Launch

Duck Duck Goose

Q Agency helped launch a new Penrith dumpling bar by providing branding solutions, menu design, social media, and a new website. The bar has since become a local late-night favorite, with its unique blend of music, lights, and delicious dumplings attracting a loyal following.

Our Solution

Q Agency provided end-to-end branding solutions for Duck Duck Goose’s launch, including a fresh, unique branding strategy and sleek website design. Q Agency also helped curate the menu design to ensure it aligned with the brand’s identity and aesthetic.

The agency’s social media team created an online presence for Duck Duck Goose across all relevant social media platforms, helping to build hype and awareness for the restaurant’s grand opening. In addition to a comprehensive online presence, Q Agency also assisted in creating buzz through a successful launch event, showcasing the restaurant’s food and drink offerings to key members of the community.

Through Q Agency’s branding, web design, and social media strategy, Duck Duck Goose has become a popular late-night spot in Penrith. The agency’s work has helped establish the restaurant as a must-try destination for food and drink enthusiasts in the area, leading to increased foot traffic and revenue.


Q Agency has been with us all the way, providing exceptional branding, website design, and social media management. Their dedication and commitment to our success have been invaluable.”

Brendon Hill — Beverage Manager

Q Agency organised successful events with big names like Fatman Scoop, making Duck Duck Goose a popular Penrith night out staple.

Q Agency successfully helped Duck Duck Goose increase their bookings through their marketing efforts, resulting in consistently packed evenings. The agency also helped the restaurant grow its social media following and mailing list through targeted campaigns, resulting in increased engagement and repeat business.

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