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Case Studies

How We Transformed Mrs. Fields’ Ecommerce Capabilities with Shopify

Mrs. Fields opened their first cookie store in California in 1977. Today there are over 300 Mrs. Fields around the world and 30+ in Australia. As part of their Australian digital presence overhaul, we were engaged to help improve the performance and design of their Shopify ecommerce store.

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Our Solution

Q Agency helped Mrs. Fields Australia achieve its business goals by offering content creation, Shopify web development, and campaign management services. The agency’s team of experts created compelling visuals, videos, and campaigns that resonated with the brand’s target audience, driving traffic to their online store. Q Agency’s Shopify web development services optimized the brand’s e-commerce site for user experience, including design, functionality, and navigation, resulting in significantly improved sales online.

The agency’s campaign management services helped the brand reach potential customers through targeted advertising on social media, email marketing, and other channels. With Q Agency’s assistance, Mrs. Fields Australia established a strong online presence, increased conversions, and built a loyal customer base.


Q Agency helped us restructure our website to focus on Ecommerce sales and launch on Shopify. We highly recommend their services.”

Peter Elligett — CEO

Q Agency’s content creation, Shopify web development, and campaign management services helped Mrs. Fields Australia increase cookie box orders and attract new visitors to the site each month.

Q Agency optimised Mrs. Fields Australia’s e-commerce site for user experience, making it easy for visitors to purchase products. Facebook Ads, Google Ads, TikTok advertising and email marketing increased our online traffic and lead to more sales.

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